Organic Fusion Engineer

I dislike job titles (especially inflated ones), I never use one myself, your actions define what you do for a living, not your business card.

If you excel at your work, you won’t require a job title, you probably won’t need business cards either, as everyone will already know what you do & who you are, as you’ll be the person they’re talking about & respect, the person they go to when they need things done really well.

There are times you can put an inflated job title to good use, when you want something to talk about or set yourself apart from the rest of your field, Organic Fusion Engineer is a fun job title I saw on a carpenters business card, I used him because he was recommended, and I’ll always remember the work he did, but I’ll never forget his job title!

0 thoughts on “Organic Fusion Engineer

  1. You’re right, job titles are something we tend to hide behind as if it explains everything we do, when in fact we should be showing, not telling.

    If you have the personality and the skills to pull it off, though, something as grand as “Organic Fusion Engineer” is not only good for a laugh, but hopefully gets you remembered.

    I’ve recently seen “Troublemaker” on a card a friend designed as an alternative to his more professional “personal” business card.