What the F*ck Man… I want doughnuts

I first heard about the Christian Bale hissy fit on Phil’s Unionversity blog, but here’s a couple of inventive alternatives, the doughnuts one is brilliantly done.

While amusing for those not involved, these clips aren’t one offs, I’ve worked on numerous film sets and know enough people within the industry to know these are a common occurrence (Kinski). So what gives these prima donna’s the right to behave in this way, belittling fellow professionals around them, what other profession would let them get away with it, not many.

Is such a tantrum ever OK? “Yes, but I think you have to weigh the talent against the tantrum,” says Winston Fletcher, author of Tantrums and Talent – How to Get the Best From Creative People. “What is unacceptable is when a person without much talent punches above their weight.” Emine Saner Guardian

Unfortunately I doubt this will have any affect on Bale’s reputation, if anything he’s probably lapping up the media attention, as would anyone with such an overblown ego, plus, who knows, this may have been a shrewd move by the movie producers to get air play & discussions going on the social web about their forthcoming release? If so, then the media & blogosphere has simply played into the hands of Bale & the movie producers!

Oh and if you haven’t heard these before, there’s plenty of expletives!
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