Brendan Mitchell Portrait

What can I say, this is my personal blog, I use it as a place to dump random ideas and thoughts I’ve had, or on things I’ve stumbled across on the web… I also use it as a place to write stuff about branding, data visualisation and social media from time to time, so feel free to poke around and leave comments. Oh and I created the blog icon, which has now be downloaded over 1,000,000 times! Thanks people.

Digital Communications Consultant (AKA How I pay my mortgage):
I’ve specialised in Digital Comms for the past 20 years & I’m lucky, as I love what I do & I’ve worked with some amazing people. Below I go on about some of the stuff I’ve done in that time (which is a reasonable amount I guess), but let’s face it, you’re not interested in what I have done for others, you’d rather know what I could do for you, and frankly, so am I… so stop reading & contact me instead

The Sales Pitch
I have been involved in digital comms for over two decades, building my own digital agency over 12 years before it was acquired by the Cordovan Advertising Group. I have worked in a gamut of sectors on a very diverse range of digital projects around the globe, gaining a wealth of practical knowledge of consumer, client and employee, interactions, cultures and motivators worldwide, that have proved invaluable when tasked with projects culminating my experience to bring the right teams together then leading & inspiring them to deliver.

Confident, innovative, with an keen eye for design & detail, I continually monitor market trends & new technologies, assessing their potential implications & business benefits for clients & customers alike. 
I approach tasks by clarifying clear objectives, & understand through experience that brand building & engagement start by defining visceral user experiences form the outset..

Culminating my business & management accomplishments, I am capable of being a long-term & valuable member of your team. I have a proven capability of balancing financial planning with client expectations, establishing highly creative & fun working environments, that instill employee innovation & teamwork, with client engagement, that achieve business objectives, reduce CAPEX & increase ROI.

Synopsis: Two decades in Digital Media, specialising in Branding & Alignment, Corporate Identity, Digital Design, UI & UX development and Live Events, predominately B2B & B2C in the healthcare, financial, retail and corporate sectors, plus onscreen graphics for motion pictures (James Bond Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Da Vinci Code, United 93)

Sectors: Consumer, Corporate, Entertainment, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Military.

Skills & specialties:
Creative Direction, Inspiring & Motivating Staff, Team Player, Developing Teams, Future & Trend Watching, Senior Level Liaison, Online, Digital, Experiential Live Events, Social Media, Branding Alignment & Strategies, Project / Production Management, UI User Interface Design, UX User Experience, Mobile / Tablet Applications, Data Visualisation, Digital Media, Multichannel Marketing, B2B, B2C, Information Architecture.