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Apple’s Flashy iPod Touch Ad

There’s a iPod Touch advert on Wired’s homepage that’s very smart.

Anyone not in the digital media industry, will likely look at the advert and not be overly impressed, but technically, this ad is very impressive, as it extends beyond what you assume is it’s frame, the iPod covers the menu bar above (which remains active), and that my friend is really neat, in a very geeky way.

I’m assuming it’s done with a combination of still graphics synced perfectly with the video below, but I could be wrong. Although the question to ask now, is whether this is all done in HTML5, or did Apple use Flash?

There’s Music in the Air

I’ve been using Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba for years to pump audio from my Mac to my Airport Express… but I hadn’t realised they’d created a FREE app named Airfoil Speakers, that turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad or any Mac or PC on your WIFI network into a wireless audio receiver.

That’s saved me buying another airport express for my BBQ’s during the sumer, just plug my old iPod touch into the amp in my garden, switch on Wifi and I have streaming audio in sync throughout the house and garden!

So I won’t retire my old iPod Touch to a video wall just yet