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Olloclip iPhone Lens Adapter

The Olloclip is a simple idea that’s destined to sell incredibly well. With everyone predominately taking photos with their mobile phone, and with the iPhone being the out and out winner in terms of Flickr uploads, the Olloclip adds a wide angle and super wide fish eye lens to your iPhone, plus it has a macro feature (although personally I’d prefer a wide angel and telephoto lens combo as opposed to a fish-eye lens, but hey, it’s still a great idea). NB: this will only work on an iPhone not the new iPad

As you can see from the links below, it’s not the first clip on lens or adapter for the iPhone, but it’s certainly the most compact and easiest to keep in your pocket.

olloclip macro photo



35mm lens adapter
Owle lens adapter 

Have a Camper Day

I just stumbled across a video of the Have a Camper Day iPad / iPhone app.

It’s gorgeous here today in London (far too nice for me to be stuck in doors working, but needs must!)… anyway this app would brighten up the gloomiest of days, and by the look of the forecast I might need it tomorrow!

If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, not to worry, you can still use it in all it’s glory on their Have a Camper Day website

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The Verizon Waltz

It wasn’t long ago that Verizon were parodying Apple’s “There’s an App for That” adverts, in order to gain subscribers from AT&T to their own network, but it appears the two network giants have made up and become friends in their latest joint advert! Or maybe they’re both worried about the latest T-Mobile advert, which highlights how both of their networks are somewhat lacklustre in comparison!


A while back I waxed lyrical about a fantastic Photography iPhone App named Hipstamatic, which I use almost daily and used extensively on my recent trip to Cambodia. Well I’ve just stumbled across another App named Instragram (a mash up of Instant and Telegram).

Unlike Hipstamatic which adds the effects to your photo as you take it (you have to wait as it does it, which can be frustrating as you may miss another photo opportunity) Instagram can add the effects after you’ve taken the photo, so you can use the built in iPhone camera app then add the effects afterwards. This is a very handy feature which I wish Hipstamatic would allow, or at least release another app that did this.

Anyway this is about Instagram, they’ve only been going three months and they’ve got over a million users already, impressive I hear you say, but what’s also impressive is that the App is FREE!! So you have nothing to lose by downloading it and trying it out for yourself.

But the thing that really sets Instagram apart (and something I think Hipstamatic should learn from), is the online community built right into the App… Instagram’s not just about taking cool photos and storing them for later, it’s about sharing your cool photos with your friends and the wider community right now, either on Instagram’s own network or on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, Posterous or Tumblr.

I’ve only been playing with Instagram for less than an hour, but it looks like fun, I admit it’s effects don’t appear as wild and as experimental as they are in Hipstamatic, but maybe that’s a good thing, depending on your way of doing things and the look you want to achieve.


Android 3.0 Honeycomb

It would appear my previous post about 20 tablets so far being announced at CES was premature, apparently there’s been over 200 so far! So there’s no doubting that 2011 will be the year of the tablet, but what isn’t clear just yet, is who will be the winners and who will be the losers (The Motorola Xoom looks like this years Tablet to watch).

What is clear however, is Google have invested a huge amount of resources and thinking into the next version of Android, plus their Open Source approach is paying huge dividends, it’s obvious they will win no matter which hardware manufacturer wins or loses, as their OS takes the lion’s share of upcoming tablets. As you can see from the video, Android 3.0 is a radical redesign and will propel the OS popularity even further.

A big question circulating at the moment is what will Apple do in response with the iPad to all these new tablets? Unfortunately my guess is, not much right now. It’s not like they didn’t expect to see a huge range of tablets being announced at CES this year, but Apple aren’t know to make knee jerk reactions, they will continue with their meticulously planned iPad 2 release in a month or so and it will be seen by many as safe yet lacklustre upgrade, both in hardware and software (unlikely to have any major OS updates, just functionality and apps, ie camera app etc). iOS is great on phones, but already it’s looking a bit cumbersome, even Microsoft’s Windows Mobile has the edge in many respects, so iOS on the iPad, while functional, is hardly showing the hardware and the platform off to it’s full, there’s so much more Apple could and should be doing. Their desktop OSX has always been their crown jewels and was always years ahead of the competition, but the last couple of updates have lacked any huge innovations, and the competition has caught up.

Apple are of course hugely successful and make incredibly robust and well integrated hardware and software solutions, but they really need to pull the rabbit out of the hat with the next major iOS update, otherwise within a couple of years, their dominance of the tablet and smart phone markets will have all but disappeared.

Android Honeycomb Showcased at CES

interview with Matias Duarte (Director, Android User Experience)

David Hockney iPad Sketches Exhibition

David Hockney has been a fan of the iPhone and iPad for sometime, having replaced his paper sketch pad with them. Over the past year Hockney has produced over 300 sketches, some of which will be on display at his Flesh Flowers exhibition in Paris.

“The great thing about it, is the distribution of the image, that is profoundly new… the fact that I could make a drawing of the sunrise at 6am and at 7am send it out to 20 people… and remember, If I just had a pencil and paper beside my bed, the sunrise wouldn’t be that interesting” David Hockney

BBC article ironically the embedded video is in Flash so doesn’t play on an iPhone or iPad! (well done BBC)

Busking? There’s an App for That!

Here’s a wonderful example of grass roots viral marketing, or is it?

when you have a need to get as large an audience or following as possible…

Start by (and the is the hardest part of all) with an original idea, something remarkable

then make it easy for users to pass on links of your product or discuss it, by utilising social media networks

to create as big a buzz as possible try to piggyback off a product or brand that already has a huge buzz and audience who are already talking about it, as yours will benefit immensely from this brand association, in this case the iPhone… but be careful with this, choose your brand association carefully, it needs to be aligned to your own core values and brand proposition, plus don’t get dwarfed, you want people saying how good your product is, not how good your viral marketing idea was!

In this case I think the later may happen, but it’s still a wonderfully inventive idea and should boost Atomic Tom’s recognition and standing (I certainly hope it does)

if you like the tune you can get it on iTunes

via Engadget

iPhone Lens Kits & Camera Mounts

Keeping with the iPhone theme, I noticed on a friend’s Facebook page this morning a ridiculous looking iPhone lens modification (which unfortunately wouldn’t really work that well with a 35mm lens, due to the tiny size of the sensor in the iPhone, unless you wanted a super zoom lens that is)… although this looks weird too

Anyway it jogged my memory of the Owle Bubo I’d seen a few months ago, which in essence is a camera mount for the iPhone 3G / 3Gs (iPhone 4 adapter in the works). below are a couple of good reviews by Taz Goldstein from Handheld Hollywood, and another by Blunty 3000 (scroll to 4:30 of Blunty’s review to see how customisable/crazy the Owle can be!)

NB: as it has 4 standard tripod connections, you could even use it with a Hoodman WristShot or a FigRig by Mike Figgis, or the Steady Wonder (all of which can be used with DSLR’s or camcorders)… if the Owle interests you, then it might also be worth checking out the Tiffen Steadicam

iPhone OS 4, does this mean I’m lazy?

Over the weekend I installed the Developers version of iPhone OS 4 (one advantage of being an iPhone Developer), and I must say the multi-tasking is great, although unfortunately several of the apps I’d like to use and test it with haven’t released compatible updates yet… but regardless of that the I’ve found OS 4 to be very stable and responsive.

I’m positive multi-tasking will be a blessing in the not to distant future when updates are released, but in the meantime undoubtedly the biggest time saving and most useful feature thus far is the ability to organise and group your apps into folders! This has reduced my iPhone from around 15 screens down to one home screen with 17 folders!

But as I’ve said before… “Those who don’t keep their stuff in order, are lazy… while those who do, are too lazy to look for their stuff”

It’s Hip to be Square

On Friday I downloaded a wonderful app for my iPhone named Hipstamatic… in essence you now have a Lomographic camera on your iPhone. The array of films, effects and lenses you can add are excellent. The whole interface and user experience has been beautifully thought through and is a joy to use. The app is initially set to low res, so you only get 600×600 pixel images, which allows it operate very quickly, so is fine while you’re experimenting with the app. But once you get used to the effects, it’s worth switching over to the higher res mode, this is a little slower in operation, but you end up with 1024×1024 images, so it’s worth the few seconds wait. I’ve had plenty of fun with this app over the weekend and I’ve been amazed at how it can turn an ordinary subject into something wonderful to look at!

I’ve even entered the shot below, entitled “Hot Hot Hot” into a Hipstamatic Competition named “Solstice The Rebirth of Summer”

Please vote for it (but hurry as there’s only 3 days left!)

Left a bit, a little bit more, ah there you are

Staying with the Augmented Reality theme, BrightKite announced last month that their partnership with Layar to offer AR of your BrightKite friends posts over live video on your mobile, is now available on the iPhone (originally only available for Android)

Another AR app recently launched on the iPhone is Wikitude, that overlays live video with Qype information. This is another area that AR has enormous potential, aggregating your various data streams and combining them into a single place. The more collaboration there are amongst these types of services the better a user experience for everyone!

Original BrighKite blog post
Post on Augmented Planet about Wikitude & another about Layar
Brightkite iPhone App
Layar iPhone App
Wikitude iPhone App
Qype iPhone App

There’s An Ad For That

You have to admire Verizon’s audacity in creating this advert to try and snag AT&T customers over to their network, by playing upon Apple’s “There’s an App for That” tagline used in their iPhone & App Store adverts (in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, you’ll find plenty of them here).

But it’s not just Verizon that’s brand jacking Apple’s App Store advert, Pepsi have created a chat up application named “AMP UP Before You Score“… No doubt this will offend some, but that’s the whole point, they’ll get plenty of free publicity that way… anyway it’s an amusing and nicely designed iPhone app, plus it’s coded well.

Download AMP UP Before you Score

The Social Media Revolution Fad

As I’ve re-quoted before “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital“ Aaron Levenstein

This video makes compelling reading/watching, but read between the lines, there’s more to this than meets the eye, major changes are unfolding in the social media environment, information/data/ID aggregation is becoming the new hot potato, the shift is about linking you to the stuff you want to know in a transparent & convenient way.

For more info & a list of quotes & stats go to the socialnomics blog

Also check out a brilliant and ballsy presentation by Marta Kagan entitled What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later

Also note Marta doesn’t use the that annoying Social Media Expert moniker, she calls herself a Bonafide Marketing Genius, now that’s a great job title! (as long as you live up to it of course, although reading her blog, it looks like she does)

A Road to Nowhere

I was in central London the other day, I was in no hurry to get to my next destination, but it started to rain, so I jumped on a bus. After a couple of stops I noticed a tourist having a hard time getting on the bus. His English was fine, he knew where he wanted to go, he was on the right bus, he had money to purchase a ticket, yet he couldn’t get one!

Why? because you can’t purchase a ticket on this bus, you have to purchase it before you get on. So here is a guy that is willing to pay for a service, he has the money in his hand, he’s willing to hand it over in the most logical way, directly to the driver, the guy offering the service, but someone, somewhere (more than likely a bean counter) decided that it would be more efficient & save time, if consumers pre-purchase their tickets, thus freeing up the driver’s time & making the schedule run more effectively. But that’s no good to this guy, he has to get off, find a ticket machine, purchase a ticket then get back on, this process takes more time, so the driver decides that waiting isn’t an option and drives on, leaving this guy behind as he purchases a ticket!? Not a good scenario, the driver could have waited, he didn’t, he had a schedule & job to keep, the passenger could have purchased his ticket beforehand, he didn’t, but he didn’t realise he had too. So who’s to blame, the driver, the passenger, the bean counter? The answer is all of them & none of them!

You could argue that the passenger should have read the signs & bought a ticket, or that the driver should have waited, or that the schedules should allow for this, or that the bean counters shouldn’t get involved in the first place, and you could come up with plenty more reasons, but essentially this approach doesn’t work for a simple reason, because it’s been designed to improve bottom line & efficiency for the bus service & not effectiveness & convenience for the customer, do the latter & you’ll have more passengers than you can handle, which is good for business & something you can solve, so that’s a good thing!

Another example is the incredibly useful & easy to use iPhone app MyRail, that gives real time rail time tables & automatically locates your nearest station using the built in GPS. But it doesn’t work anymore, not because the software is broken, but because  National Rail Enquiries has stopped the app accessing their database. Why, who knows! So rather than allowing me to use an application that is easy to use and convenient for me, with the sole purpose of allowing me to know what time the next train is so I can purchase a ticket. They would rather I logged into a website that doesn’t work on most mobile devices, and when it does make it so tricky & time consuming to get the info I want, that I’ve missed the train, so decide to jump in a cab instead!

This example is madness, why aren’t they looking at the bigger picture, the opportunities are their… if someone wanted to leverage your business or offer a service to your customers that you’re not offering, don’t stand in their way, embrace the fact with open arms, they’re helping you sell your product and they’re servicing your clients where you’re not. If someone is that much of a fan about your products don’t stop them, encourage them, you’ve more to gain than lose!