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Left a bit, a little bit more, ah there you are

Staying with the Augmented Reality theme, BrightKite announced last month that their partnership with Layar to offer AR of your BrightKite friends posts over live video on your mobile, is now available on the iPhone (originally only available for Android)

Another AR app recently launched on the iPhone is Wikitude, that overlays live video with Qype information. This is another area that AR has enormous potential, aggregating your various data streams and combining them into a single place. The more collaboration there are amongst these types of services the better a user experience for everyone!

Original BrighKite blog post
Post on Augmented Planet about Wikitude & another about Layar
Brightkite iPhone App
Layar iPhone App
Wikitude iPhone App
Qype iPhone App

Augmented Reality Coming To A Bookshelf Near You

Having already tested the water with an issue using e-Ink technology, it’s interesting to see Esquire extending the user experience of their paper based magazine with online media, I see this as a terrific medium for marketeers & advertisers, but also educational titles or children’s books where the story or information can be brought to life in a way that cannot be achieved using print media alone.

At Vision360 we created numerous projects for live events using Augmented Reality that allowed delegates to control screens and access further information, plus additional languages, but it’s an interesting development to see AR being utilised in mainstream magazine publishing, hopefully it won’t be long before we see more of this type of thing.

more info about the Esquire project here here

Here’s a couple more examples of AR, the first is a simple 3D flash file, the second is an iPhone App.