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Freedom of Choice /

If I lived in LA, I probably wouldn’t have any teeth left as I’d be in this shop every single day!

you can’t help but admire and be drawn to this guy as he explains how he’s made his passion his life… as he says “People say you’re here and work all the time… I don’t work, I just play all day long… it’s flavoured water with a lot of bubbles… if I was to define it in one word, I’d say happy”

“I went out and and found 25 little brands of soda, and put them on the shelf and people would ask, what are you doing with all those old things that don’t sell? but when I got to 250 it was, where are you finding them?… now we have about 500 different sodas”

“When you give your customers choice, they’re buy it… the important thing is to set yourself apart and provide your customers with something that nobody else has”

this is a great example of the long tail in action

Down at the Crossroads

18 months ago I posted a blog about a small red plant that miraculously came back from the dead after I’d given up on it and thrown it away. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength, I’ve even split it into 5 plant pots, as it was growing so fast!

I’m at a cross roads again in my life, nothing too serious… but when I looked at that plant this morning sitting on my shelf,  I know it’s something I can overcome and sort out, I just need to focus… as the saying goes, “If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude”

Oh and if anyone knows what this plant is called, please let me know as it’s a complete mystery to me…

UPDATE: thanks to Jose pointing me in the right direction I have now tracked it down as oxalis triangularis there’s even a timelapse video showing how the leaves open and close everyday

The 80% Rule

Working flat out? Have too much to do? What can you do about it? Put your prices up, because you’re under charging!

You’ll probably lose some clients, but with the extra capacity you’ll be able to deliver higher quality solutions, thus better value for the clients you retain. A good balance is 80% capacity, but you decide. You’ll have the same overall profit, your clients will benefit from you doing this and so will you!

The Social Media Revolution Fad

As I’ve re-quoted before “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital“ Aaron Levenstein

This video makes compelling reading/watching, but read between the lines, there’s more to this than meets the eye, major changes are unfolding in the social media environment, information/data/ID aggregation is becoming the new hot potato, the shift is about linking you to the stuff you want to know in a transparent & convenient way.

For more info & a list of quotes & stats go to the socialnomics blog

Also check out a brilliant and ballsy presentation by Marta Kagan entitled What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later

Also note Marta doesn’t use the that annoying Social Media Expert moniker, she calls herself a Bonafide Marketing Genius, now that’s a great job title! (as long as you live up to it of course, although reading her blog, it looks like she does)

I’ve never made a mistake in my life!

I was watching a film the other day and it had the following line…

“A man learns nothing from winning, but the act of losing elicits great wisdom, not least of which is how much more enjoyable it is to win… it’s inevitable that you will lose from time to time, the trick is not to make a habit of it”

I’ve often said that I’ve never made a mistake in my life! OK I admit, that may sound a bit pompous… sure I’ve made errors, big ones! but I’ve always learnt from them, so I don’t see them as mistakes, but as learning experiences.

The day I stop learning from them, is the day I start making mistakes!

What would you say?

On Triiibes the other day Chris Hopf from asked a really good question… “If you had only two sentences to share your most valuable business advice, what would those two sentences be ?”

my answer:
“Do well by doing good… it’s not about doing the thing right, it’s about doing the right thing“, keep to that and you can’t go wrong as far as I’m concerned.

As to a life philosophy, “Value unity, not uniformity. You can walk hand in hand without seeing eye to eye on every issue”

Follow The Leader

If you’re in a position of authority, running a company or a manager etc whenever you ask someone to do something, ask yourself this, “If you weren’t the boss, would your staff still follow your lead or take your advice?”, if the answers are “unlikely” or “no”, then you need to change what you’re doing.

Dwight Eisenhower defined leadership as “Convincing someone, to do what you want, because they want to do it.” Sounds simple when you put it like that, but how do you convince someone, that what you want, is in their best interest plus something they will be willing to do time & time again? See How to be a leader

A key element is trust, of course trust takes time & effort to build, but trust is only the start, it can only achieve so much, the goal is to gain mutual respect. As with trust, respect takes time & effort to achieve, but unlike trust, respect must be a two way street, to earn respect you have to give it.

Anyone can lead, it isn’t about having authority, it’s about gaining trust & respect through the correct behaviour.

Be Effective

As a classic INTJ through and through I hate ineffeciency, it’s a pet hate and I strive to remove it from many aspects of my business, but I’ve just spent a couple of very informative days brain storming & discussing future strategies for the Cordovan Group with the board members along with Prof David Drennan. David said something that really made me stop and think about a few things (To be fair, David said plenty of insightful stuff, but I’m only going to highlight one of them).

To be efficient is “to do things right”
To be effective is “to do the right things”

So while being efficient is all very well, being effective is far more important!