Video Jukebox Anyone?

Want to download a video from YouTube (or most websites?)
Install this plugin for Firefox

Of course most files stored on YouTube are in Adobe’s Flash format (.flv), so you will require something to play them back. You can use VLC, but wouldn’t it be better if you could us QuickTime? Download and install Perian (you’ll need to restart your Mac afterwards). Now QuickTime can playback .flv files, plus numerous other formats it couldn’t before. If you have QuickTime Pro on your Mac, you can even export the .flv files to different file formats, if not then download Evom by The Little Factory it’s simply drag and drop from here, drop the .flv onto the Evom window and choose the file format you want, that’s it!

And all of that is free!

Still talking about video, need to Rip a DVD, or want to play them back on your iPod, iPhone or hard drive? Then download Ripit by The Little Factory it costs $20, but it’s child’s play to use, and the results are very impressive!

Now I know how I’ll be spending the next couple of months, transferring my DVD collection to the hard drive that’s hanging out the back of the Mac Mini I have connected to my flat screen! Now if only the Mac Mini could connect properly to my surround sound and I’d be sorted!