Black and White

I guess life isn’t so black and white after all. I’ve always lived my life and given my opinion based on ruthless truth and openness, and to hell with the consequences.

But, not everyone is like me, in fact most people aren’t, that’s a good thing, not everyone wants or can take hearing the cold facts or the whole truth 100% of the time. Most prefer to live in a world wrapped under a safety blanket with many shades of grey.

I’ve always perceived that as open to misinterpretation, misunderstanding and mistrust, plus I find it very difficult to hold back from being straight with someone… so more often than not I’d rather not say anything than not be completely truthful. But having realised I’ve been on the receiving end of white lies and not having felt betrayed by them, in fact benefited enormously, I wish I had done the same when it mattered the most.

Like the saying “The one thing I can give yet still keep is my word”, but if you lose someone so precious and all you’re left with are your words, then what’s the point?