What In Dear God Is Microsoft Thinking!

Microsoft have surpassed themselves, as only Microsoft can. I never thought my nomination of their Songsmith advert for worst video of 2009 could be beaten… unbelievably, they’ve proven me wrong!

The Windows 7 Launch House Party? At first I thought this was a parody, but no, it’s actually real! Just make sure your diary is full between 22-27 October, otherwise you could end up at a house party, with your IT department!?!?

To see for yourself, check out the website

UPDATE: For a brilliant response by Charlie Brooker of the Guardian and to find out why the Microsoft video is the most shitasmic cultural artefact in history… plus to find out what the hell a shitasmisa cultural artefact is anyway, click here

0 thoughts on “What In Dear God Is Microsoft Thinking!

  1. It is like, well, I dont know what its like but it is making me feel sick.

    Hey, lets have a party, a Linux/apple party, lets invite some open source and add some compatibility. Now that would be a real party!

  2. Hey, been there, done that in the 1980s when Windows 3.0 was new and almost no one had a home computer (ha!) that could run it. Initially it was eggciting, but soon they called it Windoze for a reason. Now at version 7 it looks lame, like the Avon Tupperware pearl necklace parties.

    OTOH good reason to network and socialize…