You’re Nicked!

Yesterday @brandshandy nicked my post about the Gulp Stop Motion Animation (their words not mine!) “Gulp stop-animation shot with a Nokia N8: original article via @brendanmitchell (but we nicked it for BS)”

Of course they didn’t actually nick anything, they stumbled across my tweet, clicked the link, thought, “Oow that’s nice, worthy of our own blog”, and simply quoted me as a source, to which I say Thank You Very Much (in my best Elvis Presley impersonation)

I’m all for being as open as possible, I’ve written about it numerous times, (Dirty Laundry, The 3 T’s Rule) plus of course there’s Bernd’s Inspired by icon An Inspired Idea … but I must admit that in this instant I failed myself, as I forgot to mention my source! which was Engadget… tut tut I know.

Anyway my point is this, if you say where you copied something from, or reference who inspired you, then you can’t exactly call that stealing can you!

As I’ve said before…  “Copy whatever you want, I didn’t invent the words, I just arranged them that way”

In any case… Copying from a single source is called plagiarism, copying from multiple sources is called research!

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