You realise you’re not as original as you thought you were?


OK them’s a fighting talk… well not exactly, provocative yes, but that little collection of words intrigued you & made you want to find out more, so I guess they worked, and if I can encourage (oh, let’s face it provoke) you to leave a comment, then even better.

As this is my first blog entry I thought how apt to include the bumper sticker I dreamt up a few months ago… so how is my drivelling so far? it’s OK you can tell me later.

the reason, well let me explain…

I’ve always thought of myself as being “creative”, it’s in the blood so to speak, plus it’s the first half of my job title for the past 15 years, so I have something to live up too I guess!! but I’m constantly looking around & learning from what’s been done before, both the good and the bad. As I say “Creativity is a great thing, but plagiarism is much quicker!” Don’t get me wrong, simply copying someone is breaking the rules & should be avoided, no matter how good the idea is. Thinking out of the box should be encouraged as much as possible, but sometimes you need to turn around, so you can gauge just how far away you are from the box, not so you can jump back into it when you need to, but so you can see how far you’ve come… oh, and to make sure no-one pushes you back into it!

Without getting too philosophical, aren’t we just an amalgamation of everything we’ve ever seen, smelt, tasted, heard, touched or the people we’ve met, so can we ever really be completely original? Aren’t we just regurgitating everything around us into something we can stake a claim to and call our own? A much bigger debate in its own right and not one I think I have the brain capacity to argue : )

OK, back to the drivelling bumper sticker – this time I had a completely original idea, right? I thought of it while stuck behind a truck driving into work, but alas it may have been original, but it wasn’t unique (as one of my colleagues pointed out to me a few days ago when he found on the web that someone else had also come up with the same idea).

OK, so you may be original, but probably not unique! (and surely being unique should be the ultimate goal for any Brand?)

So here’s the question, just how original have your best ideas been (if they’re unique, good for you!), or do you want to come clean and let us in on your original muse or inspiration?

So who’s going to step up first?
Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, who knows it may even be cathartic!