ooops, I meant to post this a month ago, just found it sitting on my iPhone.

Tonight I met an old friend / business partner I’ve not seen in over 14 years! I know crazy eh… but he still lives 7,000 miles away in Singapore, where we had our business. Anyway it got me thinking… As when I met him this evening it was like I’d met him only last week! And when I said good night at Leicester Square just now it was like I was going to see him again next week (unfortunately I probably won’t see him again for years). Possibly it’s just me, but maybe (and I’m hoping I’m right here) but when you catch up with a really good friend it makes no difference how long it’s been since you last met them, they’re still a best friend, no matter how long it’s been… They’re on your wave length, they get you, you get them, you click.

It was refreshing to catch up with him after all this time, he is still the same guy I knew all those years ago, hopefully I’m still the same guy he remembers (apart from one or two extra grey hairs!)… He’s been through a lot of the same experiences as me in the last couple of years, he’d lost someone very close to him after a long term terminal illness, yet he’d come through it pretty much the same as me. Although we shared a lot, our lives have taken us in different directions, both of us have regrets of what could have been, but both of us are pretty glad of what we have and upon reflection I don’t think either one of us would change much about our lives (except maybe the way we played the stockmarkets!)

Funny, as I write this, “The Riverboat Song” by Ocean Colour Scene is playing on my iPhone, a tune that always reminds me of riding home in a cab on a hot and sticky night in Singapore many many years ago!