Livestation: Live Video Streaming to iPhone Demo

Livestation™ is a new development from Skinkers

In essence it’s live video streaming to your desktop over the web, OK nothing exactly ground breaking there, but they’re also developing a version that will run on mobile devices, namely the iPhone & iPod Touch. Although technically, they can deliver the stream over a 3G network, the cell operators will likely baulk at that idea, so currently it’s only due to work via wifi. It’s not out for the iPhone or iPod Touch yet, but that’s likely to happen quite soon! Also within 3months, they have on average 5-10k per day? (so that’s quite a wide ranging average!? anywhere between 450,000 – 900,000)

Here’s the link to their blog where you can get the latest info, there’s a great interview on their with the wonderful Jemima Kiss from the Guardian