It’s Hip to be Square

On Friday I downloaded a wonderful app for my iPhone named Hipstamatic… in essence you now have a Lomographic camera on your iPhone. The array of films, effects and lenses you can add are excellent. The whole interface and user experience has been beautifully thought through and is a joy to use. The app is initially set to low res, so you only get 600×600 pixel images, which allows it operate very quickly, so is fine while you’re experimenting with the app. But once you get used to the effects, it’s worth switching over to the higher res mode, this is a little slower in operation, but you end up with 1024×1024 images, so it’s worth the few seconds wait. I’ve had plenty of fun with this app over the weekend and I’ve been amazed at how it can turn an ordinary subject into something wonderful to look at!

I’ve even entered the shot below, entitled “Hot Hot Hot” into a Hipstamatic Competition named “Solstice The Rebirth of Summer”

Please vote for it (but hurry as there’s only 3 days left!)