After five years of speculation and 15 years after The Steve canned the Newton (still have my three in the attic!), Apple have announced the iPad.

I have mixed feelings on the iPad, from a business & user perspective, I think it’s great, it’s been well thought through and it looks gorgeous, sure the big black area that surrounds the touch screen area is a bit too much, but hey, I’m sure there’s a lot of electronics in that thing, you’ve got to put them somewhere!
No multi-tasking! so no background apps like Skype or Facebook running while you do something else. This is a major gripe, it’s the one thing that will kill the iPhone if they don’t sort that out soon.

No camera! WTF (so no using it for Skype or video based instant messaging), talking of which, come on Apple, where the hell is iChat for your mobile devices!

No proper display output! (not even Apple’s own mini DVI?!) the iPad would be the most amazing presentation device for any road warrior, if it had a proper way to output the display! (although we all know these things can do it, as how else does The Steve demo these at these events, so who knows, maybe they’ll finally make a proper cable that connects to that 32 pin connector!)

No Near Field or RFID!? OK that may sound a bit strange, but that’s becoming more and more prevalent, why it hasn’t been incorporated into the iPhone yet I’m at a loss… sure you can add RFID to SIM cards (so fine for the iPhone), but that’s no good for the iPod Touch or iPad, so hardware integration is a must. I’m positive the next iPhone will have it built in, which will be great, no more Oyster cards to travel on London Underground, simply swipe your phone and the database picks up your ID, and if no account is recognised, an App on your iPhone engages and you pay there and then… or no more credit cards, place your iPhone near a terminal, an App launches, enter your pin et voila, all paid, you could even send your receipt to your no paper account!

These are all things that will come in version 2 no doubt, but they should be in version 1… although none of this will stop me ordering one straight away 🙂 which I shall of course put down to requiring for testing & development purposes for no paper

Damn you Mr Jobs, Damn you to hell 😉