Give Credit Where It’s Due

In an interview discussing the Hollywood fixation with the Prius, on a recent episode of Top GearJay Leno (with his tongue firming pressed against his cheek), said  “In America, we like everyone to know, about all the good work we’re doing anonymously!?”

OK he was joking, but actually he wasn’t that far off the truth and he knew it. To be fair, this certainly isn’t only an American trait, in general I’ve found American’s & America to be very generous in many ways.

While there’s nothing wrong with giving credit were credit’s due, making it a pre-requisite of the generosity on hand makes you wonder just how genuine the good intentions are. I took part in a recent online discussion when the ugly subject of “What’s in it for me” was raised, and was delighted that the majority of respondents shared my views.

So if someone has generously donated their time & effort, then it’s only fair that you give them some recognition, and it’s even more rewarding when they’re not expecting it.

On a slightly different theme, in an earlier post I highlighted, Bernd CoCreatr (AKA Purple Pointr), whom devised a wonderful way of giving thanks for inspiration, check out the link if you haven’t read it.