Are You Ready to Lead?


In the morning the disciple would awake before dawn
He would draw water from the well & carry it up the hill
He would clean & sweep the temple
He would pick fresh mangoes, wash, slice & prepare them
He would grind coffee by hand
He would boil the water
He would awake the guru at sun rise
He would wash him
He would dress him
He would prepare the Guru’s seat
He would sit quietly, while the Guru ate
He would clear everything away
He would then sit in silence, listening to the Guru’s words of wisdom

He did this every morning for years, until one day…
He awoke
He collected the water
He picked the fruit
He prepared it
He ground the coffee
He boiled the water
He sat on the veranda and consumed the lot, as he watched the sun come up
He had a pang of guilt for what he had just done
How will the Guru react?
He turned, only to find the Guru standing quietly behind him, smiling from ear to ear
He said to the disciple “so now you’re a Guru”

Only you, can decide when it’s time & when you’re ready to lead

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