Resigned to Viral Marketing

Fed up with a boss that wouldn’t listen, by being too focussed on viewing numbers and not quality content, Marina Shifrin decided to quit… but rather than simply writing an email giving her reasons why, she created a video herself to get her point across… and with 13,000,000 views in 5 days, she’s obviously getting a lot of attention, news networks, job offers, even several marriage proposals!?!? plus of course the attention of her former employer… who have also released a Meme video themselves, saying, “We’re Hiring”

As I’ve posted before: A campaign can give your product & service exposure, but it can’t make your business a success, only your customers can do that. If your campaign goes viral, great, but if your business or offerings aren’t as well, then the campaign was probably pointless. You want people talking about how good your product is, not how good your viral campaign was.

With 13M hits and counting within 5 days of posting the video, she’s also made a nice chunk of change out of advertising on YouTube.
My rough calculation: Views x 50% of CPM (cost per 1,000 adverts)
13,000,000 x (.5 x  $6.20/1,000) = $40,000

their response