Just Give Me The Darn Thing!

If you’ve got something worthwhile of my time then let me read it, but don’t make me jumps through hoops to get it. Why do I have to register with your site first to get it?

ask yourself the following:

If I don’t register with you…
I’ll never know how great what you’ve written is, you had your chance but you lost it, I won’t be back.

If I register with you…
but it’s not up to scratch, sending me emails isn’t going to make any difference, your emails are just annoying me and have been relegated to my spam folder, I won’t be back.

If it’s just sitting there in the open and if it’s good!
I’ll pass it on to others and recommend they do the same, so in turn spreading the word about you.

If it’s good & I’m interested…
you don’t have to email me to remind me, I’ll be back anyway, as I want to hear more, plus I’ll probably want you to have my contact details.

So, say something worthwhile & I’ll make the decision to listen & contact you, not you.