2 Million Users in 4 Months = $7m Investment!

instagr.am have announced that they’ve reached almost 2millions users in only 4 months of launching their app for the iPhone, but not only that, they’ve secured themselves $7m in funding! Hipstamatic must be kicking themselves.

But instagr.am weren’t the first to have this idea, Picplz beat them to it and have released their software on both the iOS and Android (instagram is only on iOS), although instagram have now released an API so it probably won’t be long before someone writes an Android app for them. PicPlz also has Creative Commons integration and built in analytics, but does it have $7m in it’s back pocket and the likes of Jack Dorsey (twitter founder) and Adam D’Angelo (ex CTO at Facebook, co-founder of Quora) sitting on it’s board now? no it doesn’t!

plus here’s a post by AppBoy back in October: Five things instagr.am got right

Instagr.am Press announcement