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The Social Media Revolution Fad

As I’ve re-quoted before “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital“ Aaron Levenstein

This video makes compelling reading/watching, but read between the lines, there’s more to this than meets the eye, major changes are unfolding in the social media environment, information/data/ID aggregation is becoming the new hot potato, the shift is about linking you to the stuff you want to know in a transparent & convenient way.

For more info & a list of quotes & stats go to the socialnomics blog

Also check out a brilliant and ballsy presentation by Marta Kagan entitled What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later

Also note Marta doesn’t use the that annoying Social Media Expert moniker, she calls herself a Bonafide Marketing Genius, now that’s a great job title! (as long as you live up to it of course, although reading her blog, it looks like she does)

Hey Jerrie (By Allee Willis)

Yesterday Triiibes exploded, when 2,000 new members came knocking on the door, it’s been impossible to keep up or welcome all the new faces, who cover an incredibly broad range of people & talents. But there’s one that stood out from the crowd for me Allee Willis (& Wikipedia). You may not know the name, but you certainly know her songs, of which she has sold over 50,000,000 recordings!

Here’s a few:
Boogie Wonderland & September (Earth Wind & Fire)
Neutron Dance (Pointer Sisters)
Soundtrack: Beverly Hills Cop (Grammy Winner)
I’ll Be There: Theme tune of Friends

Check out her website & the Wiki link for a lot more, you’ll be impressed.

Anyway, regardless of all the back history, which as I said is impressive, the reason Allee stood out for me, was because of the video below, in Allee’s own words “Jerrie, the 91 yr. old going on 30, is recovering from hip surgery so snare and hi hat, hands only drumming, is all that’s possible.”

As the lyrics of “Old Folks Boogie” by Little Feat go, “You know you’re over the hill, when your mind makes a promise, that your body can’t fulfill”: Jerrie is living proof that you gotta to use it or lose it, she’s an inspiration to us all, amazing stuff!

What the F*ck Man… I want doughnuts

I first heard about the Christian Bale hissy fit on Phil’s Unionversity blog, but here’s a couple of inventive alternatives, the doughnuts one is brilliantly done.

While amusing for those not involved, these clips aren’t one offs, I’ve worked on numerous film sets and know enough people within the industry to know these are a common occurrence (Kinski). So what gives these prima donna’s the right to behave in this way, belittling fellow professionals around them, what other profession would let them get away with it, not many.

Is such a tantrum ever OK? “Yes, but I think you have to weigh the talent against the tantrum,” says Winston Fletcher, author of Tantrums and Talent – How to Get the Best From Creative People. “What is unacceptable is when a person without much talent punches above their weight.” Emine Saner Guardian

Unfortunately I doubt this will have any affect on Bale’s reputation, if anything he’s probably lapping up the media attention, as would anyone with such an overblown ego, plus, who knows, this may have been a shrewd move by the movie producers to get air play & discussions going on the social web about their forthcoming release? If so, then the media & blogosphere has simply played into the hands of Bale & the movie producers!

Oh and if you haven’t heard these before, there’s plenty of expletives!
Original Audio


Christian Bale vs Bill O’Reilly Hissy Fits

Lily Tomlin

David O Russell / Lily Tomlin

David O Russell / Lily Tomlin Spoof

My nomination for worst video of 2009!

I honestly didn’t think Microsoft was capable of creating an advert that was worse than their Tron Guy ad, but au contraire, they’ve managed it no problem… in fact, it’s safe to say that they’ve impressed me just how far they have pushed the limits of complete & utter tripe! Don’t worry Apple, you may have given your own music app a stupid name like Garage Band, but I think you can rest easy for a little longer

Your Identity Matters!

There are those that label a personal domain name as a vanity domain, but I disagree… having a personalised number plate is vanity, owning a personalised URL is foresight… what’s the difference? I’ll give you an example. In an interview, a young woman of 16 said, I want to more famous than Persil Automatic, that young woman was Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. There’s no doubting that she’s accomplished her goal… but what’s interesting is that she could have compared herself to “Madonna” or another well known musician, but she didn’t, she chose a washing detergent!?! I could go into this more, but I won’t as Jeremy Bullmore does such a brilliant job at explaining why here.

So coming back to my point, Victoria Beckham knew from a pretty young age how important her image, identity & brand were to her, and she set out to establish it. Now take a look at your own online fingerprint, are you really in control of it. You’re spread across the net on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter, Google, Blogger, Plaxo, YouTube, TypePad, Hi5, Yahoo, Bebo, Slideshare, Vimeo, EyeJot, WordPress… I could go on, but you get the picture. Isn’t it about time you consolidated all of your online identity, isn’t it time you made sure no one was pretending to be you!? Yeah it happens everyday, normally to someone famous, but it can happen to you just as easily,  a jilted ex, mates having a bit of a laugh etc

I registered my own name as a domain about 10 years ago, as things change, but my name won’t, my online identity is about me not the company(s) I work at or own, over the years I’ve owned 10 companies, merged & sold 5, each time my emails, contact numbers etc have changed, but my own personal website has always been a constant. But there’s more to it than that, I’ve been helping companies build & protect their digital brands for years, but it’s time individuals wake up to the fact that they need to protect & build their online Brand too. What does your Facebook profile say about you, photos of you with a permanent marker pen moustache drawn on you face as you lay drunk in a heap on New Years Eve? Or your boyfriend posts a video of you in your underwear while you work out on your “Wii Fit.” These may all appear as harmless bits of fun now, but they could be very embarrassing in the future when job interviews or promotions come up.

If you’re in the business of dealing with your clients Brand, Marketing, PR etc then what happens when they type your name into Google, if you can’t demonstrate that you can get yourself to the top of search engines, or more importantly, protect your own identity online, then how do you expect your client to trust you to do the same for them?

So coming back to personalised domains, for an individual Web 2.0 is all about making connections, creating relationships & building trust, and I see the next shift (call it web 2.5 / 3.0 if you want) will be centred around the “individual” aggregating their numerous networks, thus allowing them to leverage the trusted connections they’ve invested so much effort in building. So how better to do that, than to put your own name to it!

Think about it, Your Identity Matters!

It’s Hammer Time: The Comcast Way

If ever you needed evidence that web 2.0 is reversing the balance of power into the hands of the consumer, then check out these videos and the www.comcastmustdie.com website. I’ve posted previously how the tide is changing & how companies need to be in there engaging with their customers and protecting their brands, companies ignoring this strategy do so at their peril.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Networking or Not Working
Make Your Business Viral, Not Just Your Campaigns
Can Stephen Fry kill a gadget?

Networking or Not Working

In today’s 24/7 wired world of social networks, web 2.0 & mobile platforms, if you’re business is not networking then you’re not working!

Do you have a group or page on a social network such as Facebook?
Do you have a Twitter account?
Do you have a Blog?
Do you have a YouTube Channel?
Do you have an account on Get Satisfaction?
Do you run a Forum?
Do you have a mobile strategy?

Answer no to any or all of the above, then ask yourself why not? If you say it’s because you can’t afford the time or the resources, then find the time & the resources, as the cost to your business of not utilising these platforms will outweight your investment of time.

Answer yes to any of the above, great stuff… answer yes to all of them, that’s amazing! But remember simply registering in these places won’t mean anything if you’re not participating & engaging your audience on a one to one basis, plus it’s not just about getting large numbers. Having 5,000 people in your Facebook group won’t mean a thing if you’re not having direct two way communication with them.

It’s easier now more than ever for you to open dialogue & interface with your audience directly, but it’s also easier than ever for your audience to talk about you to others, you need to ensure what they’re saying showers you in a positive light. If you ignore the conversations going on, soon you won’t be in them anymore, as your audience will be talking about, and to, your competitors, and it will be very difficult to get them back!