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Don’t Build It and They Will Come, 90k Of Them!

That appears to be Martin Hasek’s philosophy, the creator of Noteslate, and it appears to be working. I posted about the Noteslate back in January, I was sceptical then and unfortunately my scepticism was founded, as this CNN report confirmed shortly afterwards, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped 64,000 people clicking the like button on their homepage, 10,000 following them on Twitter, plus over 17,000 optimistic hopefuls liking the Noteslate Facebook page (there were only 500 when I hit the like button!), most of which are keen to see a real noteslate in production, although some are flagging a bit now on the Facebook page, and posting negative and frustrated comments.

So why do this? Surely Martin is going to anger a lot of people when he comes 100% clean, or will he? After all he’s proven without doubt that his college industrial design project (apparently that’s where it all started) has a market, one that may make investors very interested in the concept, although without any IP protection, I’m not sure how interested they’d be… although if you do the maths, based on the original price of $100 per unit (highly unlikely), that’s still 90k fans & likes x $100 = $9m… not bad for vapourware! Plus if Noteslate don’t release it, someone else undoubtedly will.

Either way, I’d personally love to see a noteslate type of device, without doubt I’d use it everyday, it dovetails perfectly with our no paper philosophy, we’d certainly look at ways of communicating with it and automating syncing with our own systems.

One thing Noteslate highlights and proves to us at no paper, is that people have no problem imagining a world where they don’t use or rely on paper, of course we’ve believed that for a long time, but it’s nice to know others believe and feel the same!

more dis-information at noteslate

more information at no paper

The End of the Paper Notepad is Nigh!

I appreciate this is a concept rendering, but if the NoteSlate uses the Kent Display technology, then the promised sub $100 price point should be achievable, after all, the BoogieBoard, which uses the same screen technology retails for only $40… although the lack of a save function on the BoogieBoard is a major drawback, but at that price you can’t exactly complain, it does what it says on the tin, it replaces small white boards or that notepad beside your phone.

But the NoteSlate is proposing more than that, it’s trying to replace the notepad once and for all… and there’s a good chance it could succeed.

It offers a 180 hr battery (that’s over a week of continual use! So a month of practical use between charges), unlike the BoogieBoard it can save multiple notes, has a USB, an SD card slot, a 3.5 jack for audio playback and even WIFI. A promised future (free) firmware update will allow PDF viewing.

They’re also planning to roll out a coloured version (although limited to a few basic colours, but useful for highlighting sketches)

I think being able to erase parts of a drawing, thus editing mistakes and allowing development of an idea or drawing, would be a major add on, making the use of the NoteSlate more akin to using paper and pencil, rather than paper and pen.

But the real killer add on would be being able to record audio while making notes! That would make the NoteSlate the perfect boardroom and meeting device!

At under $100 a piece, I can’t see a facility offering conference or meeting services, or a live events organiser not wanting or having these sitting in every meeting, breakout or symposium room, not to mention too numerous other sectors or industries. Plus if they offered an automated centralised storage system locked down by device MAC address they’d be no stopping them (of course we may be able to help them there!).

So are we closer to the day of no paper notepads, absolutely!