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Openbook and Reclaim Privacy

Don’t get my wrong, I have nothing against facebook, in fact I think it’s great… but this whole privacy fiasco is becoming a PR nightmare!

A couple of days ago I stumbled across a fantastic little javascript, that safely scans your privacy settings and warns you of any problems.

But taking a completely different approach lets you type in a phrase and voila… of it goes rummaging through Facebook users that have left their wall posts a little too public

Morning Sickness

If you’ve just eaten, or have a weak stomach, then please don’t watch this!
This went out on live TV, what’s amazing is how she sits back down looking wonderful and carries on almost as if nothing happened!

Sleep Talkin’ Man

I’ve been meaning to post a link to this site for over a month, but I forgot.

As someone that’s only had 2-3 dreams in my entire life (yep that’s true by the way, I don’t dream!), I can’t imagine what’s going through this guys head at night. The basic premise of the site, he talks in his sleep, his wife records him, then blogs about it the following morning, there’s audio clips as well. Some of this stuff is hilarious, and the put downs are wonderful!

“Oh, I could be rummaging around in here for ages, I’m never going to find some zebra ears!”
“Garlic cheese! Double death to you, you lactose intolerant vamp man!”
“Of course blue dogs are more expensive. Pink dogs are shite.”
“Next time I lend out my chest hair, it won’t be to a dick-face like you. You’ve got it covered in lots of stuff. It’ll take ages to clean up. One hair at a time.”
“Stand further away. You can’t possibly appreciate my greatness this close up.”
“You’re right, elephants in thongs is not something you see every day. Enjoy it.”
“Oh, don’t worry, dear. The spot doesn’t make you ugly. No no no. The rest of your face, now THAT makes you ugly. The spot’s just a highlight.”
“It’s a good thing your breath smells of shit. It colors your words beautifully. Gives it an edge.”
“Imagine waking up next to you every day… One chunder-bucket moment after another.”